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Version of Fast Downward with a library to perform symbolic search.

Mercurial repository (update to branch "symbolic")

h2-based preprocessor

Version of Fast Downward preprocessor with h2 mutex analysis incorporated. Eliminates operators that cannot belong to any plan. This is a joint work with Vidal Alcázar.

Mercurial repository compatible with a recent version of FD

Older version Source code, Mercurial (branch issue541)

Citation: Vidal Alcázar, Álvaro Torralba. A Reminder about the Importance of Computing and Exploiting Invariants in Planning. ICAPS 2015. 2-6


The planner that participated in IPC-2014 with some bugs fixed. Built on top of Fast Downward and released under the GPL license. Two different versions of SymBA* were submitted to IPC-2014. The source code is exactly the same except for the plan script, which selects a different configuration.

Source code of SymBA*-1

Source code of SymBA*-2 (64-bits)

Citation: Álvaro Torralba, Carlos Linares López, Daniel Borrajo: Abstraction Heuristics for Symbolic Bidirectional Search. IJCAI 2016. 3272-3278

Citation (IPC paper): Álvaro Torralba, Vidal Alcázar, Daniel Borrajo, Peter Kissmann and Stefan Edelkamp. 2014. SymBA*: A symbolic bidirectional A* planner. In International Planning Competition, 105–108.