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The FAI group seminar organizes talks by BSc and MSc students (BSc/MSc seminar), talks by visitors, and talks by staff members of the group. Participation in the talks by BSc and MSc students is mandatory for BSc/MSc students, participation in other talks is recommended.

Instructions for BSc/MSc Students.

Please write an email to Jörg Hoffmann if you are interested in a BSc/MSc thesis at FAI. In this email, please provide information about your background (course of study; FAI courses/seminars taken and final grades; other relevant courses and final grades), and explain in a few sentences why you are interested in working with FAI, and what topics you might be interested in. For an overview of our current main research lines, see our Research page.

For talks and participation, the following rules and guidelines apply:

NOTE: we also sometimes have talks given by members or guests of our group. You do not have to attend these. You are very welcome to attend in case you are interested, though. The calendar entry of such talks will be indicated by a prefix "Group Talk".


The calendar below is used to organize upcoming talks in our group seminar. It shows all seminar talks given by our Bachelor/Master students as well as those given by visiting researchers.

The current default slot of our group seminar is Mondays, 16:15 pm. Most of the meetings will take place via Zoom (the link to the meeting is given in the calendar entry) in our seminar room (E1.1, room 3.06). For talks related to computational linguistics, the seminar will sometimes take place in C7.2 room 2.11 instead. The place will be stated in the calendar entry.

If you are a Bachelor or Master student and want to suggest a slot for your seminar/colloquium, please contact the group seminar admin. Please indicate the title of your talk, and ideally, a brief talk abstract. Prior to scheduling your seminar, you should have discussed a rough timeline with your advisor (as well as a rough guideline of the content covered in your talk).

We ask all our students to subscribe to this calendar and enable the built-in notification system, so that you get automatically notified whenever a new talk has been scheduled, or a date has changed. To subscribe, click on the + symbol at the bottom right corner of the calender. Remember to activate notifications once you have subscribed, as these will be disabled by default. If you don't know how, click here.