Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (FAI) Group
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Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann

Saarland University
Saarland Informatics Campus
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Group
Building E1 1
66123 Saarbrücken, Germany

E-Mail:(last name) (at) cs (dot) uni-saarland (dot) de
Telephone: +49 (0) 681 302 71471 Fax: +49 (0) 681 302 57554
Location: Room 3.18; Consultation hour (Sprechstunde): Wednesdays, 9:30 -- 10:30.

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Google Scholar profile:


Own publications page (with PDF downloads):

Dean of Studies. I'm the current dean of studies (Studiendekan) of Faculty 6 (Mathematics and Computer Science). In case of questions, please contact me by email or come to my consultation hour.

Research Interests. I'm interested in a range of topics relating to problem solving, more specifically to the modeling and solution of combinatorial search problems. My main field of expertise is Automatic Planning, a sub-area of AI concerned with decision making problems (my planning lecture describes this in a little more detail). I am also conducting research in various related areas, including SAT/CP, model checking, semantic web services, business process management, markov decision processes, natural language sentence generation, and simulated network security penetration testing.

For a detailed summary of my current research lines, please see the FAI group's Research page.

Short CV. I received a diploma in computer science from the University of Freiburg in March 1999, and completed my PhD at the same University in July 2002, with a thesis that won the ECCAI Dissertation award 2002. I stayed on as a Postdoc until August 2004. From September 2004 until April 2006, I worked at Max Planck Institute for Computer Science Saarbruecken. In summer 2006 I was a Visiting Scientist at Cornell University, after which I worked at the University of Innsbruck where I obtained my Habilitation in CS. I joined SAP Research Karlsruhe in April 2008, and I joined INRIA Nancy as a Directeur de Recherche in October 2009. I became a Professor at Saarland University in April 2012, where I'm heading the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Group.



I'm currently teaching the AI Core Course, a Specialized Course on Automated Planning, and various seminars. Please see the FAI Teaching page for details.

Attention lecturers! All lecture slide sources are available on request. Just email me.


A central activity in my research area is the development of systems, whose empirical performance serves to evaluate the underlying ideas. Here 's a list of systems I've been involved in:

For more detailed information and source code downloads, please see the FAI group's Software page.

Scientific Organization.

Invited talks. Reviewing.

Co-authors (journal and conference papers).

  1. Corin Anderson
  2. Mihai Andrei
  3. Anupriya Ankolekar
  4. Carlos Areces
  5. Grigori Babitski
  6. Alistair Barros
  7. Michael Backes
  8. Gerd Behrmann
  9. Fabian Bendun
  10. Arne Berre
  11. Blai Bonet
  12. Matthias Born
  13. Olivier Buffet
  14. Facundo Bustos
  15. Simon Bergweiler
  16. Piergiorgio Bertoli
  17. Ronen Brafman
  18. Michael Brenner
  19. Dunbo Cai
  20. Luis Costa
  21. Jeanette Daum
  22. Vera Demberg
  23. Henning Dierks
  24. Yannis Dimopoulos
  25. Martin Dominguez
  26. Carmel Domshlak
  27. Klaus Draeger
  28. Patrick Dubbert
  29. Philippe Duchesne
  30. Stefan Edelkamp
  31. Roman Englert
  32. Nazim Fates
  33. Chris Fawcett
  34. Dieter Fensel
  35. Alan Fern
  36. Maximilian Fickert
  37. Bernd Finkbeiner
  38. Daniel Fitzner
  39. Maria Fox
  40. Hector Geffner
  41. Alfonso Gerevini
  42. Daniel Gnad
  43. Carla Gomes
  44. Guido Governatori
  45. Miha Grzar
  46. Patrik Haslum
  47. Malte Helmert
  48. Martin Hepp
  49. Stijn Heymans
  50. Holger Hoos
  51. David Howcroft
  52. Frank Hutter
  53. Matthäus Jany
  54. Tomasz Kaczmarek
  55. Michael Katz
  56. Henry Kautz
  57. Emil Keyder
  58. Peter Kissmann
  59. Dietrich Klakow
  60. Eva Klien
  61. Jana Koehler
  62. Alexander Koller
  63. Marek Kowalkiewicz
  64. Frank Michael Kraft
  65. Michal Krajnansky
  66. Sebastian Kupferschmid
  67. Joel Langlois
  68. Kim G. Larsen
  69. Freddy Lecue
  70. Kevin Leyton-Brown
  71. Andreas Limyr
  72. Frederico Liporace
  73. Derek Long
  74. Annapaola Marconi
  75. Ivan Markovic
  76. Ninja Marnau
  77. Patrick Maue
  78. Norman May
  79. Jan Mendling
  80. Martin Mueller
  81. Hootan Nakhost
  82. Bernhard Nebel
  83. Raz Nissim
  84. Joerg Nitzsche
  85. Hector Palacios
  86. Joshua Phillips
  87. Marco Pistore
  88. Andreas Podelski
  89. Valerie Poser
  90. Julie Porteous
  91. Thorsten Rauber
  92. Jussi Rintanen
  93. Frank Rittinger
  94. Andrey Rybalchenko
  95. Ashish Sabharwal
  96. Carlos Sarraute
  97. Daniel Schoen
  98. James Scicluna
  99. Laura Sebastia
  100. Bart Selman
  101. Ivan Serina
  102. Alexander Shleyfman
  103. Adina Sirbu
  104. Jan-Georg Smaus
  105. Patrick Speicher
  106. Christoph Stasch
  107. Michael Stollberg
  108. Sven Schade
  109. Maximilian Schwenger
  110. David Smith
  111. Marcel Steinmetz
  112. Nathalie Steinmetz
  113. Francois Tertre
  114. Sylvie Thiebaux
  115. Alvaro Torralba
  116. Sebastian Trueg
  117. Mauro Vallati
  118. Laurentiu Vasiliu
  119. Alexander Walkowski
  120. Ingo Weber
  121. Martin Wehrle
  122. Daniel Weld
  123. Raluca Zaharia
  124. Nicolas Zastavni
  125. Xuan Zhou

Uh yes, I also have hobbies. Here's the glorious web page of my (ex-)band The Inglorious Mustard Boys ...